May 24, 2009

First Zoo Trip—Check!

We went to the zoo in DC this past week and had a great time.   Ab had a great time as did the other kids.

Firsts for Ab…

riding the ‘train’

Seeing all of those animals up close.  He didn’t understand why he couldn’t pet everything.  “Why not?” was his response. 

We also went to the museum which was also a first for him.  LOTS of questions.  LOTS and LOTS.  The majority of them I couldn’t answer other than, “that’s the way God made it”  My brain hurt by the end of the day!

ab on metro 2                                 Ab loved the ‘train’

165                        Bekah does not enjoy the metro :)

171 Joshua pretending to be a local by sleeping on the train



155                              Young scientists starting!

109                             Mapping out our next move!

105                                            Elephants!!


                                     An excited boy!

We also visited the memorials..I’ll post those next!

1 comment:

  1. Cute- we love the zoo, and it is cheap for our huge family when you buy the family it is a great day out. Your kids are fun!!! Love the pics.


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