May 14, 2009

Introducing Abenezer Samuel Knight

It's official!
Abenezer Aklilu is now Abenezer Samuel Knight!

We chose Samuel because just as Samuel was prayed for by Hannah, Abenezer was prayed for by us and many other people who are in our lives.
Our re-adoption papers are finalized and now it is on to birth certificates and citizenship. We are hitting a glitch because of the age change (Ab is really 6, not 5)...but it shouldn't be too big of a problem according to the court clerk.
A funny thing, as we were walking in and I told him this is where the judge is, he asked if they were like the judges on American Idol. Umm, no, not quite!
Afterwards, we went to the coffee shop next door and he was treated with a chocolate chip scone and hot chocolate (with whipped cream of course). Sweet thing asked to take Bekah, Josh and Rachel a hot chocolate too!
Ab has came a long way since August. I plan to do a post on that soon. As I sit and think about's amazing.


  1. he's such a cutie! how did you come to figure out that he is older than you thought?

  2. Congratulations! It's got to feel good to have things official (and to be done with paperwork!)

  3. Congratulations, Abenezer!

  4. Love adoption days!!!! What a great finalization process. When you adopt a child you get to go to a legal courthouse....and say- Yes, I am adopting this child and from now on they will be called.....Reminds me a lot of Bible Times when God changed peoples names to show they were HIS! It is an amazing process!!!!

  5. YEA ~ I had not checked the blog for a while and now, I am so happy that I checked TODAY :)

    I am so very Thankful for you all.

    What a Year! ~ I Love you~ ME

  6. Congratulations to all of you!
    Neat to see God give you the desires of your heart. :)
    loved the pictures !

  7. YAY!! Congratulations!! That is great news!!


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