May 25, 2009

More DC

We did the zoo on Thursday and there was alot of walking…for those that don’t know, the girls and I have an inherited skin disease called epidermylosis bullosa simplex . My feet got blistered terrible on Thursday from all of the walking. Bekah's and Rachel’s did better. The next morning we were going to walk to the memorials. I was determined to go and on the way there realized that I couldn’t , plus I was holding everyone back (which was VERY frustrating for me.) So I took a time out to people watch on a bench while Greg took the kids.

Greg took lots of pics so I could see everything without having had to walk to it. We then went to the Smithsonian and we obtained a wheelchair for me to use. Something I have never done…I have always been too embarrassed or prideful…but I broke down this time. Wow, what a new perspective. I have come to discover that when you are seated in a wheelchair that you are virtually invisible to the majority of the people. People will jump in front of you in a line, push past you, ignore you and so on. I was shocked, as was Greg. It was a rather humbling experience. We have always joked about the aggressive wheelchair drivers at Wal-Mart…now we’ve discovered why! Lesson learned, I told Greg that I was going to be more aware of those in wheelchairs from now on!

One neat thing was that Bekah had studied Lincoln in-depth this year and there was a huge exhibit on him at the American History museum. It was rather boring for Ab since he doesn’t know much about any of the history of America. In fact, we discovered that he was thinking Obama was the first president!


Daddy being a good daddy carrying Rachel because her feet hurt.


I love this pic of Bekah…she didn’t like it too much.







Bekah being silly….


Rachel and I in the wheelchair….she enjoyed it.

233 Ab pretending to be hit by the bus.


  1. Great pictures! :) Sorry about your feet. :( I don't have such great memories of our trip to DC Zoo, etc. with the kids years ago.
    It was a HOT day, a lot of walking,we were irritable with each other, and most of the animals weren't out! :( Everyone was looking at me, like "great idea, Mom"! oh well. I'm sure Ab loved it! :)

  2. my mother in law actually did that as an experiment for her graduate pshcy class-she spent the afternoon in a mall in a wheelchair, while my father in law watched from a distance, and they had the same response as you-and were also surprised at who offered to help her at times when she seemed to be "Struggling" doing something and who didn't--i often think of that when we are out and see someone in a wheelchair!! so sorry about your ouchie feet-that is no fun AT ALL!!

  3. Looks like you had a great trip. Sorry to hear your feet gave you trouble. My husband had to use a wheelchair for a while after a very serious auto accident. Your description brings back memories...

    The pic of Bekah looks postcard-esque!


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