May 6, 2009

When Am I Going To Turn White?

A laugh for the day....I have Ab in the bathtub right now..I can hear him singing as I type...As I was washing his hair, he asked...

"Mom, when am I going to turn white?"

My response, "What??"

"Like dad and you and bekah and josh and rach"

me "Bud, you aren't going to turn white"

Ab "why not?"

"Because God made you black and that's how you will stay...I wouldn't want you to turn white"

Ab "Oh, I thought when you come to America you turn white from all the stuff you rub on me"

Oh My! Ab is referring to the fact that I am constantly rubbing him down with one lotion or another from his very dry skin and eczema. He didn't get lotioned up all the time in Ethiopia and now he is and he just put those together that I was making him white!

He cracks me up.


  1. That is tooo cute! I love it. According to our science books (we homeschool) we are all brown. When our kids read this- they were thrilled over the moon. You mean we are all brown. I said yes, but you just have more melanin in your skin so you appear to be more brown than daddy (who is pretty white- from England before we were married). They love announcing to everyone about we are all brown. Makes people turn their heads - even more than usual at our family.

  2. Too funny ;-) He has a very logical explanation! I have heard of children thinking once they get off the plane in America they will automatically turn white. ;-)

  3. Oh my word, that is just too much! HA! I just love reading these little blurps from your day! It makes me look forward to all the quirky things I'll get to hear when we get our guy home.

  4. That is halarious...! What joy he brings to your house. I need some of that right now, maybe I'll borrow him. :)
    Loved the pictures of Rachel's party too. yes, they grow up way too fast. Enjoy them.. each day.
    love ya.

  5. What a cutie! So was he relieved, disappointed, or indifferent?

  6. Becky, He seemed indifferent...but it cracks me up that for about 7 months he has been thinking that I was putting lotion on him to make him white!! But now that I think about it, the lotion is white and he has faded spots on his cheeks from eczema! he must have thought it was working! he did tell me once as he pointed to a spot that he was turning white..but I didn't think he was serious!!

  7. What a precious post and a great memory!
    Kim Hull


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