July 23, 2009

Ethiopia or America

We were having a heart to heart with Abenezer the other day about Ethiopia and America.  He told us that he wishes that Ethiopia was next door and that we could go with him to Ethiopia and then all of us come back to America and that we could go back and forth.

He is doing very well but at times we still see the adjustment that is going on inside his heart and mind.

He had another stressed sweating spell the other morning when he had to wait to eat because of his tb meds. ( he has to wait an hour after he takes them)  He was pouring sweat and was again, very stressed to not be able to eat.  He hates to be hungry.  He gets very anxious about food when he is.

It makes me sad.


  1. Not good....poor boy. That is tough. Hard for momma too!

  2. It's neat that he's able to articulate those feelings. Fred Rogers said something to the effect that whatever could be talked about could be managed.


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