July 8, 2009

Fourth of July

Ab had several first this past weekend.  First 4th of July, first funnel cake, first sparkler, first 4th parade…..

We tried to explain the 4th to the best of our ability…Rachel told him it was when the emancipation confirmation was signed (apparently we need to work on american history a bit!)

We had a great fourth hanging out at The Frontier Culture Museum (where Bekah volunteers) and then at friends’ house.

Quote of Ab on the fourth:

Ab at the 4th: "Mom, I need to go home, I'm frisky" Me (laughing of course) : " you mean freezing?" Ab: "no, frisky, like when you want a drink!" Me: "thirsty!"

july 2009 004Waiting for the parade to start!

july 2009 008Watching…

july 2009 011 Joshua and Rachel watching..I love the look on Rach’s face here

july 2009 021 The Frontier Culture Museum Float. Bekah is in the yellow with the white thing on her head. (not sure of the actual term!)

july 2009 024

july 2009 030 Reading of The Declaration of Independence at FCM.  They also did the toasts afterwards while the crowd shouted “hurrah” after each one.  Pretty Cool.

july 2009 036 Games of the time period

july 2009 037july 2009 032  july 2009 051july 2009 048

july 2009 066   july 2009 068    july 2009 077

Greg and Ab with ‘Coach Bill’ (from soccer).  This is one of Ab’s favorite people… Ab grabbed both their hands and took off…

july 2009 106 july 2009 085july 2009 082  Bekah working on the Irish Farm

july 2009 117 This picture is a little blurry but I love his face and eyes…we had just lit the sparklers :)

july 2009 154 july 2009 119july 2009 113


  1. mother...i would like to clarify something..the white head thing is referred to as the "White head mabob" or sometimes "My Annoying Head Thing"...


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