July 21, 2009

Visits With Old Friends

We recently got to catch up with some friends from when Ab was at Hannah’s Hope.  We had a good time meeting again..and I really wish we were closer to everyone…At least we are on the way to DC and the beaches! (Hint Hint to everyone else!)

Catching up with The Buckles family that we traveled with to pick up our children.  Neat godly family that I really wish lived closer…They were both a calm to my soul as I picked up Ab without my husband there with me!  And John was the first to think that Ab was probably older than we thought!  He was right!  Now, if I can just get them to move to Va and plant a church :)




Ab waiting for Olivia at The Blue Nile. 

ethiopian day with olivia erus 001 

ethiopian day with olivia erus 012

We are arranging a marriage. cute couple don’t you think?ethiopian day with olivia erus 018

Karey and I ‘met’ online while waiting to find out if we would make court before it closed last year.  Our emails consisted of “have you heard anything yet?”  We really hoped to travel together, but she ended up traveling a week after me.  Really wish we lived closer!

ethiopian day with olivia erus 016

It’s amazing how this journey of adoption can draw you to people you have never officially met but feel like you know each other really well.  I have so enjoyed the families across the states that this road has connected me to!


  1. Yes, I agree with you! The friendships brought on through the adoption world are priceless. There is so much support to be found especially when the locals (friends and family) don't really understand this whole adoption thing until they see the new members. Makes the road to adoption a little easier. I love the support and friendships of people who have been in my shoes... and to know that marriages can still be arranged today, in the United States.... hee hee, had to add that in - beautiful couple!

  2. Thanks for posting your "in person" meeting! What a privilege for the children to reaquaint and taste Ethipia again.


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