July 3, 2009

Yard Sale for Grassroots Heroes

This past Saturday we held a yard sale to benefit an organization that we are on the board of, called, Grassroots Heroes International .  GHI’s goal is to feed, nurture and equip the vulnerable of Zambia.

We collected stuff from people for several weeks and was given leftovers from 2 other yard sales.  We had ALOT of items!

It was a busy day with lots of people and we made over $1400!  Amazing!  What really blessed my heart was when someone would buy a quarter item and give $10 or $20.  It’s a blessing that our excess (which we have a lot of!) can be sold for a dollar here and a dollar there and make that much money, to help those who don’t have the basic necessities of life.  If you would like to also help the people of Zambia or see more about it, go to www.grassrootsheroes.org


All the clothes!  At the end we were selling a 13 gallon trashbag full for $3!



A fashion show a the end of the day!

GHI Yardsale 001

GHI Yardsale 019 

Abenezer entertained himself all day in the toy section!

GHI Yardsale 047

Some very good workers who were very tired at the end of the day!

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