September 10, 2009

Give me all of God

We like to feel good. We like to be comfortable. We don’t like things that make us uneasy or uncomfortable. We don’t like things we can’t understand or reconcile.

Take God for example. We love to be loved by Him. We tend to read and re-read scriptures of him extending grace and mercy. We get excited when He heals people. We like to share with others how much He loves us. And He does, for sure. All of those things are true and are important. They should be shared. Without those sides of Him, where is our salvation?

But let’s not forget these other sides of God.

the jealousy of God

the holiness of God

the judgment of God

the omnipotence of God

the power of God

I am so intrigued by the story in Exodus 33, where Moses tells God “now show me Your Glory” (His boldness amazes me) He puts Moses in the cleft of the rock and covers him with His hand (what does that feel like? To have God put you in a cleft of a rock and cover you with His hand? ) He tells Moses that He will let His Goodness pass in front of Him but that He will only allow Moses to see His back…because no one can see His face and live.

I want the part of God that is so good,so holy that we can’t handle it. I want the part of God that makes my face radiant to the point of having to wear a veil. Give me God that knows everything and does what He knows to be best. Give me God that tells me to not take revenge, because He will take care of it. Give me God that judges my heart’s intentions and teaches me a lesson when I need it. Give me God that is jealous of anything in my life that takes His place.

I love the grace and love of Jesus. I know the life change they bring. I was deep in a miry mucky mud-filled pit. He brought me out. He gave me new life and made me a new person. It was through His death, His sacrifice that I am the forgiven person I am today.

However… I also love and NEED the other aspects of Him. He loved the woman at the well, but told her to go and sin no more. He would read people’s thoughts, say them out loud, and then correct them. He gave gifts of miracle in cities and then publicly denounced the cities (matthew 11:20) when they didn’t repent. He called the current ‘spiritual’ leaders broods of vipers, He enters the temple and then clears it out by overturning the tables and benches--- while in the next breath he is healing the lame and the blind with children shouting praises around Him.

I want the passion of Jesus…I want to see His righteousness, I want His saying it exactly like it is…no candy-coating with Him. I want to see His justice in the world. I want His defense of the oppressed and the weak.

He’s a complex God. Try as we might, we cannot put Him in a box or understand every aspect of Him. We are too human. I can barely wrap my head around the Trinity. We see and experience Him in so many different ways. The Father, The Comforter, The Son. None is complete on their own.

Give me God, but give me ALL of Him.


  1. Wow....have been reading about this very thing. God may we thirst for more of you!!!!! May our hearts long for your correction as well as your love.


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