October 28, 2009

Could you please speak up?

A couple of posts ago I asked God to speak because I, His daughter, was listening.

Well, I am still listening…and waiting…and wondering…

I feel caught between two places and wondering where He wants me to be. There is something more He has for our family out there and I am just yearning to know what it is and when it is!! I have lots of ideas for Him to consider! :)

The last two years have opened our eyes in so many areas. I feel like I am walking around EYES WIDE OPEN. It many instances, it has been hard, to know how many children are suffering…A statistic I learned the other day is that there are at least 2 million children right now trapped into forced prostitution. 20% of all human trafficking worldwide are children! How does your mind even begin to wrap around that? Greg and I have begun to volunteer and work with The International Justice Mission and train to be Justice Advocates. The statistics are mind blowing and unbelievable.

Add in our awakening in the plight of the orphan, dealing with a father suffering from cancer, and other issues of life, we are experiencing a complete shift in thinking about life and what is or isn’t of the utmost importance. How can all of that not change you?

I have started to take classes at our local college. In prayer that once I am done training my children at home, that I will be ready to jump in with both feet into the troubles mentioned above.

Below is a video of one of my favorite singers, Sara Groves. This describes in detail where I am at.

October 8, 2009

We’re going to Disney World!

We were blessed to be able to take a trip to Disney World last week.  We had saved up (the kids even putting their birthday money occasionally in the disney pot) to go the year we began the adoption process.  As we got further into it, we realized we couldn’t do both that year. 

We had a family meeting and told the kids our dilemma and asked if they were ok with that.  they said yes…and Rachel’s response was “and then whoever we adopt can go with this because they won’t ever have been!” 

We continued to save and with the economy as it is, we were able to get a GREAT deal.  (free dining also which is great with 4 kids!)

It was a blast…and Ab rode everything…even the Tower of Terror!  I though this was pretty amazing being that he had never been on any single ride before!  The best thing to watch with him was the 3D shows…(which he had never seen)  He kept trying to catch everything!!  He would just laugh and laugh! 

It was great family  time to bond and love and just be silly together..When else will your 12 yr old boy hug Piglet?








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