November 28, 2009

Back from Zambia

Greg (and Frank) had a very productive trip in Zambia.  He should really write this post, but since it’s not on his high priority list, I will do it for him! :)

They missed the flight in Addis and had to stay the night.  While this wasn’t ideal because they lost a day in Zambia—Greg got to see the birthplace of Abenezer.  (He didn’t travel with me to pick him up).  To keep the posts short, I will focus on Ethiopia today and continue on with Zambia later.

Ethiopian Air put Greg and Frank up in a hotel.  Funny story is they were both wearing cowboy style hats.  The Ethiopian gal asked if they were from America. “yep” Then she asked if they were cowboys. “yep” they answered again…okay…we have cows on our land so I guess technically they can be called ‘cowboys’.  This gal also asked Greg if he had heard of the singer Don Williams (a country  singer from the 70’s /80s) Greg said yes and the 2 of them sang the song “It Must Be Love” together.  I would have loved to have seen that!

When Ab found out that he was in Addis, He became very excited and said “Tell dad to look for a teeny tiny house with 2 beds but only 1 bed is ours but you can’t see it from the road. That’s my house!”  Sadly, Greg couldn’t find it! :) 

Greg was hoping to meet with Pastor Henok (the pastor from Ab’s parent’s church-but he was outside the city)

The guys took a cab to the market and did some shopping before leaving.  Greg got Ab and Rachel new Ethiopian dress clothes.

IMG_0652IMG_0651 Here are some of the pics from Ethiopia--

Beautiful country

zambia greg 2009 005

View from the hotel. Notice the lean-to in the left corner, that is someone’s home.zambia greg 2009 011

Close up shot…Can you imagine?

zambia greg 2009 001

More pics of the city

zambia greg 2009 022   zambia greg 2009 043 zambia greg 2009 004

zambia greg 2009 025  

Beautiful country and people.  Our hearts are forever tied to it.

November 8, 2009

Greg has left the house! (for 10 days)

Greg has left for Zambia this evening…I tried to fit in his bag, but I still need to work on that diet plan!

I am slightly okay, ALOT envious of the time he will spend in Zambia.  The time that I spent there was so eye-opening, refreshing, and hard at the same time.  The part I loved the most was the ability of people who had experienced such sorrow, hardship, and heartache, to be able to break out in praise to God with song and dance and any given moment. It stretched me quite a lot and I miss it!

We were talking today about how the 1st century church’s experience is not much unlike the church experience that Christians who are suffering from persecution or Christians who are in a place that they have to rely on God for the basic needs of life.

I have heard the phrase recently that ‘we just need to let church happen’ like it did in the first century.  There is a call for a ‘rebirth’ of church as it is now so that we can experience like it was then.  I understand that desire.  I would LOVE to completely experience that.  I enjoy the refreshing breathtaking faith of the Zambians and Ethiopians I am in contact with.  I recently asked someone how I could pray for them.  This person has NOTHING in comparison to those of you who will read this.  This person lives in a shack the size of my bathroom.  Seriously.  The response ?  “Please pray for my spiritual life and that God will bless me so that I may help others”  Breathtaking.

My question is…..If we really want to experience church as they do or as the 1st century did…Are we willing to live the lives such as theirs?

Are we willing to make relationships a priority in our lives?  Not just what we do after we have done all of our chasing the American dream each day…but a priority?

Are we willing for God to be the center of our lives.  Not just something we do on Sunday.  Are we willing to walk with Him in each moment and for Him to be in the forefront of minds?

Are we willing to help others?  Of course, we are—but how about helping each other to the point of having to sacrifice?  Are we willing to give up our extras so that others may eat?  Are we willing to take in the orphan?  the down and out? Spend a Saturday helping a widow?   We generally like to help others, as long as it doesn’t mess up our lives or inconvenience us.

Are we willing to be sold out completely for God?  Are we willing to let God work unimaginably in our lives?  Do things we never thought we could do? Do things that we know can only be from Him?

Are you willing to die for your belief in Him?  They were and some did…and there are those who do today.

I am speaking to myself here as I wrestle with these choices as well. I want so much more of God but there is still quite a bit I need to let go of so I can grab on completely.


November 4, 2009

Off to Zambia

Greg (my hubby) and a friend are taking off for Zambia on Sunday evening. Flight leaves Monday morning--they are looking forward to that L-O-N-G flight. :) While there, they will be checking on some projects, doing some admin stuff but most importantly, building relationships.

I must admit that I wish that I was going with them. Amazing place and people.

Greg on his first trip to Zambia with Lucy...She was upset about not getting to go on a field trip that the group sponsored. This trip to Zambia was what inspired him to adopt.

We emailed and asked the village school (this is a squatter's village just outside of Lusaka) what they would like for the guys to try to bring. I am always humbled by their answers....reading books for the children (I'm a homeschooler...guess how many extras I have laying around!) crayons, pencils, teaching aids, Bibles, balls, science equipment (those of you who know me well, know that request touched my heart!)

The basic every day needs of a school that I have extras of floating around. I walked around my house today going "I don't need this, or this, or this" My kids walked in their room and began pulling out extras. Rachel said "I have lots of books that I don't need."

We were talking at dinner after Ab finished praying his very long heartfelt prayer. He told us "When I woke up when I first came home (he had fallen asleep and I carried him to my bed and slept with him) I woke up and thought I was in castle." I usually don't look at my home and see a castle.

It IS all in the eye of the beholder isn't? Tonight, I see a castle.
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