November 28, 2009

Back from Zambia

Greg (and Frank) had a very productive trip in Zambia.  He should really write this post, but since it’s not on his high priority list, I will do it for him! :)

They missed the flight in Addis and had to stay the night.  While this wasn’t ideal because they lost a day in Zambia—Greg got to see the birthplace of Abenezer.  (He didn’t travel with me to pick him up).  To keep the posts short, I will focus on Ethiopia today and continue on with Zambia later.

Ethiopian Air put Greg and Frank up in a hotel.  Funny story is they were both wearing cowboy style hats.  The Ethiopian gal asked if they were from America. “yep” Then she asked if they were cowboys. “yep” they answered again…okay…we have cows on our land so I guess technically they can be called ‘cowboys’.  This gal also asked Greg if he had heard of the singer Don Williams (a country  singer from the 70’s /80s) Greg said yes and the 2 of them sang the song “It Must Be Love” together.  I would have loved to have seen that!

When Ab found out that he was in Addis, He became very excited and said “Tell dad to look for a teeny tiny house with 2 beds but only 1 bed is ours but you can’t see it from the road. That’s my house!”  Sadly, Greg couldn’t find it! :) 

Greg was hoping to meet with Pastor Henok (the pastor from Ab’s parent’s church-but he was outside the city)

The guys took a cab to the market and did some shopping before leaving.  Greg got Ab and Rachel new Ethiopian dress clothes.

IMG_0652IMG_0651 Here are some of the pics from Ethiopia--

Beautiful country

zambia greg 2009 005

View from the hotel. Notice the lean-to in the left corner, that is someone’s home.zambia greg 2009 011

Close up shot…Can you imagine?

zambia greg 2009 001

More pics of the city

zambia greg 2009 022   zambia greg 2009 043 zambia greg 2009 004

zambia greg 2009 025  

Beautiful country and people.  Our hearts are forever tied to it.

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  1. Love the pics....remind me of our trip. Can't wait to hear more on Zambia


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