November 8, 2009

Greg has left the house! (for 10 days)

Greg has left for Zambia this evening…I tried to fit in his bag, but I still need to work on that diet plan!

I am slightly okay, ALOT envious of the time he will spend in Zambia.  The time that I spent there was so eye-opening, refreshing, and hard at the same time.  The part I loved the most was the ability of people who had experienced such sorrow, hardship, and heartache, to be able to break out in praise to God with song and dance and any given moment. It stretched me quite a lot and I miss it!

We were talking today about how the 1st century church’s experience is not much unlike the church experience that Christians who are suffering from persecution or Christians who are in a place that they have to rely on God for the basic needs of life.

I have heard the phrase recently that ‘we just need to let church happen’ like it did in the first century.  There is a call for a ‘rebirth’ of church as it is now so that we can experience like it was then.  I understand that desire.  I would LOVE to completely experience that.  I enjoy the refreshing breathtaking faith of the Zambians and Ethiopians I am in contact with.  I recently asked someone how I could pray for them.  This person has NOTHING in comparison to those of you who will read this.  This person lives in a shack the size of my bathroom.  Seriously.  The response ?  “Please pray for my spiritual life and that God will bless me so that I may help others”  Breathtaking.

My question is…..If we really want to experience church as they do or as the 1st century did…Are we willing to live the lives such as theirs?

Are we willing to make relationships a priority in our lives?  Not just what we do after we have done all of our chasing the American dream each day…but a priority?

Are we willing for God to be the center of our lives.  Not just something we do on Sunday.  Are we willing to walk with Him in each moment and for Him to be in the forefront of minds?

Are we willing to help others?  Of course, we are—but how about helping each other to the point of having to sacrifice?  Are we willing to give up our extras so that others may eat?  Are we willing to take in the orphan?  the down and out? Spend a Saturday helping a widow?   We generally like to help others, as long as it doesn’t mess up our lives or inconvenience us.

Are we willing to be sold out completely for God?  Are we willing to let God work unimaginably in our lives?  Do things we never thought we could do? Do things that we know can only be from Him?

Are you willing to die for your belief in Him?  They were and some did…and there are those who do today.

I am speaking to myself here as I wrestle with these choices as well. I want so much more of God but there is still quite a bit I need to let go of so I can grab on completely.



  1. I've been wrestling with a lot of those things lately too. I love your wording...'there is still quite a bit I need to let go of so I can grab on completely.' I'm so there with you!!

    I hope that Greg has an awesome trip and that you are surprised by how great these next 10 days go:)

  2. We too have been wrestling with those same issues. Thank you for this post! Glad to wrestle with it- makes us more determined and stronger in our faith. Praying....

    Praying for Greg on his trip, and for you as well :)

  3. What an awesome new photo on this blog! Beautiful family!


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