December 25, 2009

Christmas Party for Mango Grove School in Zambia

A Christmas Party was given for the children, parents and staff at Mango Grove School in Zambia. This party was hosted at the Heroes' Farm. Below are some pictures that Ronald Chideme (YWAM missionary who stays at the farm and helps GHI oversee projects) sent to us.

christmas party 3

christmas party 2

christmas party GHI christmas party 4 christmas party 5 christmas party 6 christmas party 7 christmas party 8

Included in the program was a recognition of the children who did well in their education for the school term. (five from each class). This is no small thing for the children to accomplish.

Thanks to some generous people, these children were also given gifts for a job well done.

Here are their pictures below:

christmas party 9 christmas party 11christmas party10 christmas party 13 It is Zambian custom for employers to give their employees a 13th check. Grassroots Heroes was blessed to have the funds (thanks to you, the donors!) to fulfill this custom for all the staff at the school. As you can see from Sandra’s smile…it is well appreciated!

sandra christmas party 13th check If you would like to help us continue helping to give hope to the children of Mango Grove School, women’s cooperative, and the staff of the school, please check us out at .

You can also read Greg’s (my husband) thoughts from his recent November trip here.

You can also email me at

Merry Christmas!

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