December 15, 2009

IJM’s Benefit Dinner in DC

Last Thursday I had the privilege of hosting a table at International Justice Mission’s benefit dinner in DC. I always look forward to going to anything that has to do with IJM because I always leave inspired and full of hope. Thursday was no different. We were able to hear from Jeff Blom (president of investigations.) He gave us a look into the life of the investigators in each country. These are courageous men and women who risk their lives for the work of justice. It gave me such hope to hear of changed lives.

As always, Gary Haugen was inspiring. He spoke on generosity and the force that it is. It cannot be contrived or manipulated but is a powerful force that can change many things. It’s very humbling to think of how many people’s lives and changed circumstances depend on other people’s generosity. How generous are we with our time, with our money, our passion, and our heart? Far too often, I am a stingy and selfish. Worst of all, is when I am generous with impure motives. God, cleanse my heart and make me pure.

We were able to see inside the life of a 9yr old girl who was a slave in a salt mine along with her family. Hour after hour, day after day, she pulled a rake in water covering her feet with open sores. They actually showed a picture of the poor child’s feet. Literally made me gasp. Imagine that in salt water. Imagine having no choice and knowing each painful step that you had to do it all day the next day, and the next, and the next. Having no hope of a different life. However, generosity stepped in thanks to IJM and donors! This child and her family are now free…running their own mine (with safe working conditions and just wages) employing 12 people. Lives changed from slavery and despair to life and hope---because of generosity.

I encourage everyone to check out International Justice Mission. They are a worthy ministry who I have seen nothing but integrity from. So much so, that Greg and I trained to become Justice Advocates with them so they we can help to spread the word about God’s heart for justice and the oppressed. Please email me with any questions about this ministry. If you’d like to see more on them, go to . Be blessed and inspired. Be generous.

Here are some pics from the event.

IJM Benefit 005

IJM Benefit 002IJM Benefit 003 IJM Benefit 007 IJM Benefit 004

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