December 5, 2009


Greg and Frank arrived in Lusaka, Zambia a day late, but ready to work. It was really neat for him to be able to go back to the village.  The last time he was there was in Nov of 2007. It was good for him to be able to see the changes that the well, more teachers, and more supplies helped to bring.  It was also great for him to be able to see some of the kids again. The same kids that brought his heart to adoption.

They had a lot of meetings ( some hard - some easy). They built and strengthened relationships. The couple (Ron and Angela Chideme) that stay at Heroes’ Farm also work with YWAM and are a great asset to Grassroots Heroes.   Electricity was off more than it was on and Angela was determined for the guys to have tea.  Greg told her it was okay and not to worry.  She said that her mom taught her to always have tea for their guests and was outside in the rain over coals boiling water for tea!  They also had a birthday cake for Greg on his birthday.

The school is doing great and the plans are to add another class next year.  There are currently 5 teachers and  Mrs. Banda (the school mom/lunch lady).  The school will have to be moved due to land allocations from the government. (the village is a squatter’s village and the government is now allocating land to the villagers) We are currently receiving designated funds for this project.

The women’s group is excited and determined to get started again working in their cooperative.  They bake rolls and make beaded bracelets, door mats, hand bags . They are hardworking women.

zambia greg 2009 261

View of the village from the ‘mountain’

zambia greg 2009 054

The play pump at the well that was put.


Only my husband would ask one of the local village leaders to ‘ride the play pump’ with him.

zambia greg 2009 060  zambia greg 2009 068                      I love the way the women carry their babies.

zambia greg 2009 254

                                Houses in the village

zambia greg 2009 110

The house at Heroes’ Farm.  It also contains a chicken run, orchard and many other possibilities.  The Chidemes hold discipleship training here and allow local pastors to use it as a retreat free of charge.zambia greg 2009 199                             Angela with Greg and Frank

zambia greg 2009 191

Ron and Angela.  It was Sunday and they just came home from church.  Angela had preached that morning.

zambia greg 2009 211

Lucky, who runs the chicken project, lives with his wife Jane and their family at the farm. Greg asked to take her picture and she ran to get her dog.  Greg thought it would be a real dog. It was this big stuffed one. It was what she had picked from a deceased loved one’s belongings and it was VERY important to her.

zambia greg 2009 244      Mrs. Banda—our school mom who made a choice to give up selling homemade alcohol without any prospect of earnings (this was what she used to feed her children).  She gave it up and trusted in the Lord to provide because it was the right thing to do.  Two families from our community heard her story and offered to pay her wages for helping at the school.  God moved on the hearts of people a continent away because of her faith.

zambia greg 2009 264                                     Huge millipede.

039                                             Class


                                    Love that Hair !

179186                   School Teachers singing a song—what great voices!


              Greg and Selita…This little girl captured Greg’s

          heart when he first went to Zambia. She is full of life!


DSC00169  Greg and Lucy..another precious child…She is the tiniest thing

DSC00171              Serving peanut butter sandwiches to the kids. 

                  Protein is greatly needed in the village.


                     Traditional dancing done by the kids.

239                     Mr. Sachika, the PTA chairman, with daughter     and grandchildren.

Zambia…beautiful people, beautiful children, beautiful smiles.

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