January 10, 2010

Ab’s Wrestling and Jacob’s Dream

First a little shot of Ab’s first wrestling match (I’ll post a video in a bit)

Tucker and Osh getting him ready:

Ab Wrestling 014
Ab Wrestling 015_0001

Ab Wrestling 016_0003 He didn’t get him pinned..but he tried real hard!

Ab Wrestling 017_0004

Genesis 28:6 through 30:24

Jacob’s dream…You know what I love about this? Jacob’s awe of God and the place where he determined God was. Sometimes I think that we are so busy making God our ‘best friend’ (and He is, for sure) that we forget that He is the All-Knowing, All-Powerful God. That He holds the world in His hand. We forget that He is a God of justice and a God who hates sin. A God who is so holy that we cannot look upon His face and live. A God that made Mose’s face shine so much after an encounter that he had to cover it! Jacob was in awe…so much so he was in fear. I looked up the Hebrew word for afraid and what it means: to fear, reverence, honour, respect

May we always have honor and respect for our Holy God. May we sometimes be so overcome with Him and who He is that we cannot help but to fall our our faces before Him.

Holy, Holy,Holy is the Lord God Almighty…who was and is and is to come!

I also love that God continually keep reminding Abraham and his family of His promise for them. He keeps reassuring them of what He told them before.

Ok…so Jacob works for his uncle for 7 years (woah!) and tells him in vs. 21 “Give me my wife. My time is completed and I want to lie with her.” All righty then Jacob, get right to the point why don’t you?

Poor Leah…I feel very bad for her. vs. 31 says when the Lord saw that Leah was not loved. Have you ever felt unloved? Unlovable? Unworthy of love? God saw Leah’s need and He sees ours. God is very generous with His love. Accept it from Him, His is a love with no strings attached…A PERFECT LOVE!

A side note…Beth Moore had a study called The Patriarchs that would go wonderful with this. For those of you who want a deeper study of these verses—it might be a worthy purchase! I have it, but have only gone up through last weeks verses. I may try to do it along with this!

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  1. Love the pics...looks like he did great.

    Love the reminders with the verses.... :) I need them SOO much right now :)


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