January 3, 2010

Bible Reading

I have joined Andrea over at http://www.babeofmyheart.com/ and teamed up with the Chronological Bible Reading. We are discussing it over there, and I thought that I would put my thoughts here too! Feel free to leave some comments for discussion! I need to be in His Word more…as it is water to my soul…and I know that some accountability to some girlfriends will help!

To download the reading plan—go to: http://www.oneyearbibleonline.com/readingplan/oneyearchronologicalbiblereadingplan.pdf


Today’s reading: Genesis 7:1-10:32 and 1st Chronicles 1:-5-23

Hey gal...kids are making a movie (rather loudly I might add) and hubby is watching a game on the tv..and I'm sitting here drinking tea and doing Bible Study with ladies who I really don't even know where they are...kinda sweet!

Alrighty, Here are my thoughts!

I love thinking of all those animals walking up into the ark! I am an animal lover and that just excites me so! Can you imagine..all those animals--BIG ones at that too with the tiny ones...I would have LOVED to have been there for that part..(the everyone dying..not so much)

Neat thing to do is measure that out for your kids..(ark size) I did that for children's church one time and they were blown away..it so hard to just imagine a size..but seeing it is so more real. I would love to see that one in the Netherlands.

A site to help you do this is here: http://www.creationtips.com/arksize.html

Also a site that has pics that has been emailed around some of a life-size ark: (thanks Andrea for the link)

ch. 8 vs 1 . I did a bible study once on the God 'remembering'. From what I 'remember'--it's not that God forgets. But it is when He acts. Like when we do something in remembrance of someone. We never forgot that them but we acted and did something because we have them on our minds. I kinda like that thought of God 'remembering' me.

Ch 8 vs.10 Noah waiting 7 days to let the dove back out...I think I would have tried every morning and been frustrated! God is still working on my patience!

Chapter 9 re-iterates to me how precious life is to God. I can't fathom how bad it must have really been that Noah and his family were the only ones that were able to be in the ark. That ALL other people were that corrupt. I can't imagine how that must have grieved God and even Noah.

Ch 10 vs. 8--Nimrod, mighty warrior and hunter..I loved that ! Made my heart smile when I read it. I always wonder how God would describe me in His Word. Humbling thought!

I love to read stories that I have read tons of times and still get something new from them.

God’s Word is alive and active—speaking to us in each phase of our lives!

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  1. I'm so PUMPED and THRILLED that YOU are doing this with me/us! I feel like we have so many connections...Zambia--heart for orphans--adoption--Ethiopia...I am so excited to study the Word with you this year friend! XOXO! Andrea


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