January 14, 2010

Fields of the Fatherless

Just received this book in the mail today from paperbackswap and am very excited to read it! Anyone read it?


The subtitle is Discover the Joy of Compassionate Living. I think I am going to like it! It’s written by Tom Davis who is also the author of Red Letters—Living a Faith that Bleeds. My post on it is here.

I would love to read it with someone and discuss it! Let me know and I’ll hold off until you get yours!


  1. Chrissy, haven't read Fields of the Fatherless, but I read Living the Red Letters, and there were many things I loved about it but many things I totally disagreed with, so I am curious to see how you like this one. To be honest I felt guilty that I didn't really care for the book but I love what he's trying to do.

  2. Don't feel guilty Kim! I rarely agree with everything anyone writes!

    and I know what you mean...I've had issues with the 2 books that everyone has been raving about lately...I hate it when someone says "have you read___" I'm like yes (and then in my head I"m going 'please don't ask me what I think!')

    I would love to hear what issues you had with the other book (you can email me) ...I am trying to remember now the whole book...I"ll have to flip back through and guess! I would LOVE to discuss it with you! I'm kinda weird like that! Love hearing differing opinions!

    I"ll let you know about this one!


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