January 7, 2010

How Does God See You?

Genesis 25:1-4 1st Chronicles 1:32-33 Genesis 25:5-6

Genesis 25:12-18 1 Chron. 1:28-21 1 Chron. 34

Genesis 25: 19-26 Genesis 25:7-11

It sure does help to read those genealogies when you are reading about each family doesn’t it? Instead of all those begets in a row!

In our scripture reading today, Abraham leaves this earth for a much better place…A while back, I had done a study on Abraham and what God calls him in His Word:

Romans 4:18 Father of Many nations

Galations 3:8-9 The Man of Faith

James 2:23 God’s Friend

That’s quite a resume isn’t it? And to think that it’s written by God about Abraham. A man who made many mistakes, lied, didn’t trust God at times became someone who God credits for his faith and calls him His friend. What’s your 'what I was ' list? What would God say about you now? Really look with God’s eyes…If you could see how He sees you? I think He sees a child that He loves, even in spite of some crazy mistakes at times!

A child that not only He knit together, but a child that He so desperately wanted to be with, so much so, that He willingly sent His Son to suffer a brutal death on a cross. For You and for me.

Be amazed of His love for you today.

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