January 23, 2010

How much more of Job?

Job 15:1 through 18:21

I have some other things that I want to share today that I will post about later…I wanted to touch on our reading first.

Chapter 15 Eliphaz again tries to set Job ‘straight’. He doesn’t believe Job’s words and lashes out against him. Poor Job—I can’t imagine being in such grief, pain, and despair and then having your friends ‘encourage’ in such a way.

Chapter 16 Job’s rebuke back to them starts with “miserable comforters are you all!” I agree Job! Job tells them that if the roles were reversed that he could make fine speeches –but he would bring encouragement, comfort, and relief. Job is making a statement here and telling his friends that this is what he needs! Instead of trying to find the source of his ‘punishment’ as they call it—comfort him—encourage him! May this be a lesson to us all. Sometimes we want to teach or offer words of wisdom or advice, when really, we just need to be there to cry, to love, and to just be.

Chapter 17..Job continues to declare that his face is red with weeping, his eyes are dim with grief, his frame is a shadow and his spirit is broken. A broken man.

Chapter 18 Another pitiful response from a friend.

Man..how much more of Job? Lord, teach us through your Word…even when it’s hard to read.

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