January 6, 2010

Is Anything Too Hard for Our Lord?

Today’s Reading: Genesis 18:1-21:7

Good grief! Whenever I think that our world has become as bad as it could, you just have to re-read these chapters!

I love that Abraham was bold enough to plead with the Lord like that! Sometimes I feel as if my prayers are wimpy prayers. Like I am a begging child. Abraham approached the Lord and boldly asked Him. That shows the depth of closeness they had. Then Abraham decides to pull his favorite half-lie again. She’s my sister! same story..different king. Goodness Abraham, don’t you learn? How often do I repeat the same mistakes, just with different circumstances?

It’s a boy! Isaac is born and named. Laughter…what a name. After Abraham is old and Sarah is worn out. (her words) Love it!!

Is anything to hard for our Lord? (Gen. 18:14) I think of my friend Dawn with these words…Praying for you..Nothing is too hard for our God!

I can so sympathize with Hagar not being able to watch her son die. After reading so many words from Ab’s mom and how she felt giving her son a chance at life. My heart breaks with those words. I feel her heartache and pain.

A song that touched my heart the other day

Blessings to you today…

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  1. I am really loving your "Bible Study" posts! You make me think, and I love seeing the Word come alive through someone else's perspective.

    Thanks for sharing!


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