January 11, 2010

It’s Not Fair!

Today’s Reading: Genesis 30:25 through Genesis 31:55

It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!

Ever utter those words? Or even shout them? Life isn’t fair is it?

Here is Jacob, the man who was once the deceiver, doing right and having integrity, and yet Laban continues to do wrong by him. No matter what Jacob does, Laban always seems to find a loophole to not hold up his end of the deal. It’s not fair!

I’ve had some “It’s not fair” moments. My father being diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time really isn’t “fair”. The questions of why now? why him? came to mind quite often. My stepmother put into a totally different context one day while we were talking. She said instead of ‘why me’----- “why not me?” She went on to say that who were they to expect things not to happen? Were they someone special that the troubles of this earthly world not to affect them? Would she wish it upon someone else? Quite a different perspective isn’t it?ijmlogo_footer

Working with the International Justice Mission has also brought to my eyes a totally different “It’s not fair.” Becoming aware of the reality of how many people are in dire circumstances to no fault of their own. How many people are enslaved with no hope of ever getting free….How many young girls are forced to work in brothels having to perform unspeakable things…Is this ‘fair’ ?

How about my adopted son’s life? Going to an orphanage at the age 5, leaving parents he loved because they could not care for him, traveling to a completely different country and culture, becoming a minority when he once was the majority…Is this ‘fair’?

IMG_4997 Abenezer’s referral picture

Let’s now travel to Grippes village in Zambia…where children are hungry. Children who may have lost one or both parents due to AIDS. Children who are being raised by grandparents along with other grandchildren because there are no parents alive to care for them. A widow’s home can be taken away because culture says the man’s family can come take it away. Children who were sharpening their pencils with double edged razors. Children who have such a love for life but are hindered by hunger pains. Is this ‘fair’ ?

tanya's%20pics%20039 Lucy in Grippes Farm

a squatter’s village in Zambia
What I love about the story of Jacob is that while he is being treated unfairly….God steps in. He tells him “ Go back to the land of your fathers and to your relatives, and I will be with you.” God even steps into Laban’s dream to protect Jacob.

Did everything magically become perfect and ‘fair’? No, we still live in a world where we are affected by the fall and by the consequences of sin…of other’s sin and our own bad choices.

That’s what God does….He steps in. He steps in to the lives of the enslaved and oppressed through IJM—an organization that works to free those who need rescue.

He steps into the lives of the orphan and the destitute with people who raise their hand and say “yes, I will love them” whether that is by adopting or supporting organizations that care for them.

I love that about my God…that He steps into our lives and says “I will be with you”.

He is with you today my friends…Let Him step in and be part of your life.


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