January 4, 2010

Jan 4—Bible Reading

Good morning!

The house is quiet and I have a nice strong cup of coffee and I am ready for the Word. Let’s see where we are today.

Genesis 11-14:24 and 1 Chronicles 1:24-27

Wow, lots of different things going on today. I love to place myself in the Word and pretend that I am there and imagine all that’s going on. It’s a way that I keep God’s Word alive…It is so easy to just read it to get it done—a legalistic kind of thing. But God’s Word is here to change your life and to change your heart…Let it do both.

Gen 11. Tower of Babel

vs.4 “Make a name for ourselves” What towers am I building in my life to make a name for myself? What am I doing just to be higher so that other can see? A tower of self-righteousness? A tower of good works? A tower of seemingly to know it all? May God destroy all the towers that I build publicly and in my heart that only I see.

vs. 5 “But the Lord came down” Okay..imagine that! The Lord coming down. What did that look like? Could they even see him? It says “Let us go down” which speaks to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Did they all stand upon a mountain and watch and talk? I just love that reference. One thing that I like is that They did come down. Didn’t have to. Could see just fine from Heaven but God chose to come down and be among. Remind you of anything ? The cross. Didn’t have to. Chose to. I am so thankful that He did.

Gen 12..vs. 13. Okay Abram, only half lied, right? Sarai was his half-sister! It’s interesting to me that Abram made a decision there without ever consulting the Lord. He imagined what could happen (and it very well could have) and came up with a scheme. I’d like some more details to all of this…How in the world did Sarai feel about all this? She was taken to his palace…I’m assuming having perform certain duties…I would have been ticked off a bit. I know there is a different culture and such, but that would have been a hard thing to submit to! God being God, intervened. It doesn’t say though how Pharaoh came to know Sara was his wife…hmmm.

Gen 14…Abram and Lot… Vs 8 –some of the men falling into tar pits…doesn’t that paint quite a picture? vs. 22 Abram accepted nothing from the king of Sodom so that he couldn’t say that he made him rich…It would have made him richer…but here he chose the high rode and accepted nothing.

There’s my random thoughts for today…What’s yours?

Everyone have a great Monday!

Kids are still asleep…another cup of coffee with quietness!

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  1. I can't imagine the thoughts that were going through their minds either. Good reading today...


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