January 25, 2010

Job, Zambia, and falling babies

Here are a couple of pics from sharing with the AWANA kids about Zambia—the culture and what God is doing there. I was able to share a miracle that Lisa, Patti, and I saw first hand—it just does something for your soul to testify about God’s faithfulness and miracles. To read about that miracle-click here.

Here I am showing the kids the ‘shatanga’. This is a horrible picture of me (no offense Rick) but in effort to keep myself humble—I will put it up. :)

21541_1254982387915_1630231960_635266_2759633_nRoger is ‘hungry’ here and I am telling him that Jesus loves him and just walk away. We talked about how we also need to help those who Jesus loves.

21541_1254982427916_1630231960_635267_3956193_nRoger is helping me put my baby on my back. If I ever decide to live in Zambia (or rather God decides, I decided once to move there and He overruled me) I am going to need serious help learning how to do that. I kept dropping my baby while practicing at home…I think that’s a big no-no!


I love sharing about God’s heart for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the oppressed. The main verse I shared was this:

He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker,but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14:31

The kid’s hearts were open…as they usually are. God is good and faithful.

Today’s reading: Job 26:1 through 29:25

Job is defending himself again that he is righteous and is basically trying to figure out where God is. You hear his longing for what he calls “when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house”. He is in such despair and pain and just plain not understanding why he is going through this heartache. Just think…Job had no idea of the conversation between God and Satan. He didn’t know the spiritual side of what was going on. He didn’t know that God was assured of his ability to withstand. He didn’t know that God had called him upright and blameless and said that there was no one on earth like him. Doesn’t that sound like a proud Father speaking of his son? Just think if Job had known that? Would it have helped to know the story behind his pain? I don’t know but---Well, I’m sure he knows now…as he sits in fellowship with God.

Sometimes we just don’t get to know. We just have to muddle through it and rely on God. I am heartbroken for some friends who are going through a time of injustice right now. We don’t understand…and it hurts. A fallen world brings us pain quite often. I am thankful that we have Jesus to run to—even when we don’t understand.

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