January 7, 2010

Our God Provides!

Reading today:

Genesis 21:8 through 23:20, Genesis 11:32,  Genesis 24:1-67

Chapter 21-I had skipped ahead and read it yesterday..I couldn’t stop at vs. 8 :)

Chapter 22-Can’t even begin to imagine. It doesn’t even say that Abraham questioned God or even asked for clarification! Just that early the next morning he got  up and went.  “Here I am” is the only thing recorded that He said to God.   This from the man who chapters back didn’t trust God to keep safe from foreign kings…what a relationship that must have been nurtured between the 2 of them.  My bible says that it was 50 miles and it took 3 days for Abraham to make that trip to Moriah..that’s a lot of time to think! and alot of time to look and see your son.  I know that this isn’t in your bible reading plan but turn to Hebrews 11:17-19. 

Chapter 23—Sarah is buried…I think it’s neat to point out that Sarah lived 37 years after Isaac was born. I am glad that she had many years with her ‘laughter’

Chapter 24  Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham is now 140 and wants to make sure his son, Isaac, had a wife that isn’t from Canaan.   A couple of notes…when he asks that she waters his camels too….that was a big job!  From my notes, each camel could drink 25 gallons…not sure if they drank that much…but it was much more than giving a glass of water!  She offered in vs. 18 to give them water until they finished drinking!

I like that he gave her a gold nose ring.   In vs 47 it says that he put the ring in her nose…a little different that slipping it on a finger, eh?

Lots more details here…but let’s just say that everything was worked out with the relatives…and they are on their way….

vs. 66  She is given to Issac, he married her, and he LOVED her.

Makes me think hard on arranged marriages.  I’ve go a few picked out for my kids!

One point of note…when the servant found the woman he knew God had sent…(vs 26) He immediately bowed down and worshiped the Lord. May this be our response to our God…we are quick to complain or whine or lament when God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we want   Let us be quick to worship and acknowledge it when He does!




  1. Thanks for posting this:) I will read it. This is something I need to hear, the providing part. The Lord really does provide.

    We found a 2 1/2 year old boy in Ukraine that has down syndrome. We are considering adopting him. The process is so different because you do it independantly.

    Plue I don't have experience with DS, but I know if this IS what the Lord is leading us to, He will provide what I need..

    I know this is way of from what we were starting.. Since we are doing our Ethiopian HS right now.. I've had a migraine all day trying to figure out what to do.

    What I need to do is pray and listen to the Lord..

  2. wow Jenny! I will be praying that you know with no doubt what to do! You may not have experience with DS, but God does and He will lead you to those that does and will lead you through it!

    Keep me updated!



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