January 30, 2010

Stop and Consider

Well, I got behind yesterday…Woke up at 8 needing to be at co-op before 9. Let’s just say the morning started out crazy!

Yesterday was a good day though—received some dissection seminar registrations that I am doing to raise funds for Bekah and I to go to Guatemala through Forever Changed International. Yes, I do dissection seminars to raise funds…kinda crazy huh? But I love to do that, most home school moms don’t so it’s a win-win!

We also were blessed to attend and help lead an At the End of Slavery party hosted by a friend. I love to share the work of IJM with other people and am so blessed to hear them moved by the plight of people across the world. God is good.

Yesterday and Today’s Reading

Job 35 through 37:24 and Job 38:1 through 40:5

In this passage Elihu continues on with his thoughts about Job, God and His Ways. Again, I think that even though he is misguided in some of his thoughts concerning the situation—alot of what he is saying has truth in it.

I particularly like 35:27 on. I love thinking about how God governs the natural world. As Creator of it and Keeper of it today.

vs 14. he tells Job to “stop and consider God’s wonders” As a gal who LOVES science –I love that. God’s creation is a wonder. As I teach my classes at co-op and my children, I love to discover how God created each animal with exactly what they need to survive. It’s amazing and I love to see the ‘wow’ in kids’ eyes as they see that for themselves.

Stop and consider God’s wonders today. Stop, consider, and be amazed.

Below is a view that I love. It is on they way to Bekah’s spanish tutor’s house. I comment on it so much that Bekah automatically says “Yes mom, I know, it’s beautiful”

I love to imagine God’s hand sculpting these mountains during creation.


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