January 9, 2010

What would you trade for a bowl of stew?

Today’s reading Genesis 25:27 through 28:5.

We aren’t seeing the best sides of our forefathers today.... But remember, we are a flawed people. We mess up, manipulate, and sin. Thankfully, God gives us do-overs, grace and mercy.

Good reading today…A story most of us have read before..May God speak to you a fresh word today.

Genesis 25: Trading your birthright for a bowl of stew. lentil stew at that..yuk! :) Talk about instant gratification! Come now…was the man really ‘starving’? Esau placed no value on what was really valuable…the spiritual birthright and blessing of his father..

When we were funding our adoption, what was valuable really hit home with me. I walked around me house and thought, I can sell this and this and this…because in comparison to a child…all of it meant nothing. I made quite a bit of money off Ebay! Kinda puts it all into perspective!

What do you hold valuable? Anything you would trade for a bowl of stew and instant gratification?

Chapter 26…Well, our son is like his father isn’t he? Lying about his wife, just as Abraham did! I wonder, did he hear the stories about that or did he just come up with it? As parents, we need to watch the examples we set for our children…not that we won’t mess up because we will, but to make sure we let our kids know that mom or dad made a mistake there…and I’m sorry and that God is still working on us!

(By the way, this is not the same king Abraham met..just the same name and same kingdom)

26:25…Ever want to build an altar? One of the things that I love about the Old Testament and is how so much of their worship involves the physical world. Don’t get me wrong, I love our New Testament relationship with Jesus…but right now I am tempted to go builder an altar outside and pray..Wonder what my kids would think? But being it’s like 16 degrees out, I think I will wait. :)

By the way, Charles Swindoll has a study called Stones of Remembrance that is very good.

Chapter 27—My goodness, what a tangled we weave! Sometimes we as people can get so caught up in our schemes and our agendas that we can forget that we are hurting the ones we love. Rebekah is deceiving her husband and robbing her son . Remember, Rebekah received the prophecy that the older son would serve the younger. What was she doing? Did she think she needed to help God fulfill the prophecy? Things are much better on God’s timetable. He’s Omniscient—let’s let Him handle it.

28:5 Isaac is now sent to Rebekah’s relatives so that he will not find a wife among the Hitite women.

The deceiver is soon to be deceived.


  1. as I think more...what am I trading off... a time of bonding with my husband and kids for the instant gratification of tv (or gasp! computer?) a relationship with a friend for the instant gratification of using my tongue in a hurtful way?

    So thankful that God continues to circumcise my heart..

  2. Love the insights....hmmmmm gives me loads to think about!

  3. You have been tagged:). Nominated you for an award on my blog;)


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