February 7, 2010

Bekah in Godspell / Today’s reading

Rebekah was in Godspell this past weekend. The storm really messed up the performance schedule but they were able to get one performance in.  They cast (and directors) did a great job and she had a great time.  Made me miss participating in high school drama.   Except there is enough drama in my own household!
Bekah’s part was the ‘goody two shoes’ girl.  This was a remake of Godspell with the setting being a classroom.  I would post her solo but she’d kill me.

bekah 3 godspell


Today’s Reading
Exodus 20:1 through 22:15
The Ten Commandments are given to Moses.  All of the people are afraid (thunder, lightning, trumpet, smoke.) and stayed at a distance.  Moses tells the people to not be afraid.  The people remain at a distance while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.  Question for you—which are you?  Do you remain at a distance from God or are you like Moses and approach where God is?  What is holding you back? fear? the unknown? other’s opinions?  Friends, the walk with God is much more exhilarating than the walk without Him.  Approach Him today!
Below is a picture of Mount Sinai—the mountain where Moses received the Law.
God lays out the rules for many issues in life to Moses. Rules that are meant to help the Israelites deal with each other fairly.
It makes me wonder how Moses remembered all of these. Was he writing feverishly as God spoke them?  Did God just give him a supernatural ability to remember them?  What was Moses thinking?
Again—I wish for more details :)  Just imagine the Bible if it had all the detail I wanted!  We’d need a wagon to carry

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