February 15, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I had a webinar with IAN last night and enjoyed getting to know even more about the program and where the children are from in Ethiopia and the orphanages.

We had originally thought we would request a little girl…but after listening and hearing how many more people wait for a girl (not that there’s anything wrong with that—I am just speaking from my own heart)…we will probably put we are open to either and let God decide (and more than likely it will be a boy). I just have a hard time standing in a huge line for a girl while there are many baby boys that need a home too.

So all of you who have a pink Africa on your jar…put some blue on it too! :)


I spent most of the morning at UVA with my dad discussing treatment options. After having the heavy duty chemo and then the round of radiation with chemo—another tumor came up on the side of his face which also tested to be cancerous. Our options are now limited to 3 different things. None are guaranteed to work or cause minimal side effects. It’s going to be a ‘try this and see if works’ and then go from there.

It’s frustrating to say the least. We’ve had to make a decision on another course of treatment on another cancer before we’ve even see how well the other treatment worked on the other spots.

He is supposed to begin again on Tuesday. I ask for prayers for him. That this next treatment doesn’t effect him as much. It’s been rough and he just needs a little break. To feel good for a little while and to be able to enjoy life for a bit.


Today’s Reading: Numbers 7:2-89

The offerings were given at the dedication of the temple. Moses entered the Tent of the Meeting to speak with the Lord and heard the voice speaking to him between the two cherubim (picture below of what he would have heard the voice between) …..and he spoke with Him.



  1. How long do you think it will be before you get a referral? We are just waiting on our home visits then we can finish our dossier.. It's exciting! I'll be praying for your dad and for you as you help with these decisions.

  2. Sorry about your dad. Prayers for him, of course!
    And about the boy/girl thing.... how about siblings? You could get one of each or a few of each.... I'm just saying... why not get on all the lists.....

  3. Hey Jenny! I have NO idea...I am very ready to be on the waitlist and have a number...I am hoping that we don't get a referral and get stuck waiting for a court date when the court closes or a couple of months.(we almost did with Ab, we were the next to the last travel group before they closed) Plus I am going to Guatamala in June and Zambia in November...so the timing thing is a just a wee tad stressful! I kinda stink when it comes to dealing with unknowns...you'd think I'd be used to it after one adoption!!

  4. Maria...I am sure that would go REAL well with Greg!! I, however, would be fine with that! :)

  5. Praying for your family...that is soo tough.

    Happy to hear about your adoption though!! Someone is going to get a family hopefully soon :)

  6. Well, Charisa- you're a gal after my own heart. I too am wanting a boy because they get left behind. Your story with Abenezer has really inspired me. Love to you and prayers for your father.

  7. oh yea, sorry, forgot that Greg has a % of the decisions that are made in your house..... oops


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