February 1, 2010


This post has special meaning for me today because of our work with IJM. Knowing that there are millions of people crying out to God under that same cruelty and oppression with the same bitter lives that the Israelites were living. I am so very thankful that there are still those who are a ‘Moses’ that answers the call to secure rescue for God’s people. Take time today to pray for freedom and restoration for the enslaved. They are husbands, wives, daughters, sons, grandparents,and sweet precious children.


Today’s Reading

Exodus 1:1 through 2:25 & 1Chronicles 6:1-3 Exodus 3:1 through 4:17

Enslaved. Oppression. Murder. Bitter lives. This is now the lives of the Israelites. Joseph and all his brothers are dead. This Pharaoh who did not know Joseph was a cruel leader. I am thankful for the midwives who believed life was sacred and not to be destroyed.

Moses is born and hidden for 3 months (can’t imagine trying to hide a baby!) and is saved by the Pharaoh’s daughter. We all know this story well. Moses sees his people being mistreated and murders an Egyptian and hides him in the sand. Pharaoh now tries to kill him and he flees and goes to live in Midian. There he meets and marries Zipporah and has a son, Gershom. The Pharaoh dies and the Israelites are crying out for help in their slavery.

God hears their groaning, looks, and is concerned. The root word for concern is yada which means (according to strongs) to know, to experience, to discern, to understand, to perceive. I think this has a much stronger meaning than concerned. I believe it means He looks upon them and knows their pain and heartache. He perceives every bit of it. He understands their cry.

Moses is out tending the flock (from Pharaoh's son to a shepherd!) and sees a strange looking bush and decides to check it out. God calls to him and tells him to take off his sandals for the place is holy ground (love it! I would love for the whole church to remove their shoes one Sunday to recognize the fact the when we enter in and worship…we are on holy ground)

God declares He has seen His people’s misery and He is coming down to rescue them and bring them up to a good and spacious land. And…He is sending Moses to do it. (Imagine Moses’s expression here! what???)

I will be with you Moses!

Who do I say sent me? I AM WHO I AM!

God tells Moses to gather the elders and take them on a 3 day journey to sacrifice and shares what He will strike the Egyptians will types of wonders to make them let them go.

Moses still had a lot of questions show God showed Him the whole staff/snake thing. I do not think that I would have picked the snake back up by the tail. I think I would have asked to God turn it back into the staff first and THEN I would pick it back up. I don’t like snakes….at all! :)

God continue to show Moses the signs and wonders He will do. Leprous hand/clean hand, bloody water from the Nile…but Moses is still unsure if he is up to the task. God re-assures him that He will help him to speak and teach Him. (God’s pretty awesome like that) and Moses pretty much begs Him to send someone else.

All right, the Lord is starting to get irritated here but relents and allows Aaron to be part of the team. He will help them both.

I can so understand sympathize with Moses for when God calls you to do something that you don’t think you can do. I have had that happen several times. Scared to death. But God steps in and does the work. And the great thing is, because you know you couldn’t have done it---God gets all the glory. It was only through Him you were enabled. And when God calls you to do the unthinkable-- He will provide the way.

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  1. Oh- sometimes I feel sooo much like Moses....please send someone else- you must have gotten a mixed up memo that I thought I could do something! Yikes!


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