February 26, 2010

Guatemala Trip

Rebekah and I (& Savannah) are going on a mission trip to Guatemala at the end of June.

While there we will be working at an orphanage called Dorie’s Promise


We will also do work across the lake in a temporary settlement (due to mudslides), a HIV home, and a women’s prison.

We will be taking Spanish Bibles and small gifts for the women at the prison (Chapstick, small lotion, small pad/pen)

For more on the group we are going with, go to Forever Changed International.


Rebekah has been working hard to raise funds and has decided to make bags. Here is a sample of one. They are lined. She had several different colors she will be doing and selling. (will be posting more pictures as she makes them) If you have an image you would like to have her do on the front—or certain colors-- email her at gcknight@verizon.net.

The bags are $15 each ($2 extra for shipping if you need it mailed)

If you would like one—email me. You can either pay through paypal or by check.

Here is an example of one:



stiching around the Africa..The raw edges have been treated so they won’t fray.



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