February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! May you know the greatest love that can be known…Jesus’ love exceeds any that you will have here any earth!

It’s Sunday morning—the house is quiet and I’ve got a nice cup of coffee...I had weird dreams all night last night (teach me to watch Alias before I go to bed!)

I spent most of yesterday doing our paperwork for the dossier. Adding our names in templates and printing them off and getting ready for notaries. The banks are closed on Monday (the nerve of them!) so I have another day before I go drive my notary at the bank crazy. I think I will bake her some cookies to take as well! :)

We still have a lot of snow here and it’s cold! I am very tired of all the cold and ready for some average temps.

But the little kids are still enjoying the snow…as is Bonnie, our little dog that is nuts. She dives into it and burrows down.



Today’s and Yesterday’s Reading

Exodus 37:1 through 39:31 and 39:32 through 40:38
& Numbers 9:15-23

All of the construction for the items in the tabernacle has been done. We now make the priestly garments—down to the gold plate placed on the turban saying HOLY TO THE LORD.

As I read that I am reminded that Jesus has made a way for us all to wear such a plate. Through His sacrifice we are all made HOLY TO THE LORD. We are all now made set apart for Him.

Moses blesses the Israelites because everything in the tabernacle was done just as the Lord commanded. The tabernacle is set up and Aaron and his sons are anointed. The cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the Lord filled the tabernacle. If the cloud lifted they Israelites moved.

You know, part of me would like to have such a cloud. :) To be able to look outside and say…’kids, the cloud has lifted let’s move today!’. A visual ‘yes or no’ for each day. However..I have something so much better…which is the Spirit inside of me leading me on. Are there days that it is hard to hear His voice? Absolutely..but I am learning the more that I listen for Him, the more I obey, the easier it is to hear Him. Listen for His voice today. Ask God to speak to your heart…and be ready!


  1. You are very right. The more you listen- the more He will speak. I have never been moved by the Lord as much as I have since we submitted ourselves to Him with this adoption. I've learned to lean on Him and trust Him completely to lead me. Something I only "thought" I had done in the past. And in so doing, He has really revealed Himself in my life. I just wish you could know the blessings that He has poured over me. He is using me and I am totally humbled. Listen today. Listen and He WILL speak.

  2. Love your post!!!! Listening....has always been a struggle for me.....
    Love the pics too....


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