February 4, 2010

I’m back!

I know I’ve been gone the past couple days. We had lots of things going on as a family and big decisions to make…and blogging was at the bottom of the list! (GASP!)

My dad’s cancer has came up in another spot the size of a penny. The doctors meet Thursday (today) to discuss the plan. I have no idea…but I am shocked it came up while on chemo (he was also getting radiation—but on another spot on his face) Please pray for him that this will be something that can be taken care of quickly with minimal invasion to his body.

and a teaser:

Greg and I made some very big decisions..that I will share soon.

Right now, we will begin with:

Today’s Reading:

Exodus 10:1 through 12:51

Pharaoh’s heart continues to be hard. Even his officials tell him to let them go worship. But---nope, won’t do it. So Moses stretches out his hand (at God’s command) and…

Locusts…and lots of them!

draft_lens6594562module53438082photo_1251100778LOCUST_-_SWARM_-_old_photo_-_GOOD Except imagine so many that the ground is black and everything is destroyed…nothing green remained.

He still won’t let them go…Moses’ hand is again outstretched and


Darkness As a person who struggles with winter time dreariness…I can’t imagine total darkness for 3 days…Interestingly, the Israelites had light in the places they lived.

Pharaoh still give conditions on the Israelites leaving and even threatens murder to Moses. And a plague ensues that I cannot even fathom.

The death of the Firstborn

I looked at pictures and quite frankly just couldn’t put any of them up. The thing I have to remind myself is that there was a way out which leads us to the Passover. I love being involved in a Passover meal. We have a Jewish friend who has done it for our church and we have done it with friends. A blessing of remembrance of God’s faithfulness to the Israelites and to us. There is so much to talk about that…we’ll save it for another post.

And vs. 51 “And on that very day the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt by their divisions”

God is faithful to His promises. It may not be in our timing, way, or plans. It might not be the answer we want. But-He is faithful. Trust on that.

Blessings to you today…We are supposed to get up to 12 inches (some saying more) of snow in next several days….this gal who needs the sun is screaming “NO!!” At least I can get lots done at home :)


  1. First, very curious of your news. =)

    Second, sorry to hear about your dad, I will pray for healing and wisdom. I have been studying the names of God and today I studied JEHOVAH RAPHA the Lord who heals.

    Third, your encouragement and passages were a blessing to me. Thank you.


  2. What it is it???????

    Praying for your dad! Praying for healing.

    I am loving reading other people's thoughts on the scriptures we are reading. It really helps- Thanks!

  3. Charisa- I'm praying for your dad. I'm also in prayer over your news. Just the other day I felt of you as MY Moses. I feel God leading me through you and I am so excited. Thank you for your friendship and your influence. Much love to you~


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