February 17, 2010

Lent and Today’s Reading

There is a Lent e-book that we use during Lent to help guide us in preparing our hearts for Easter—Last year we cut the 40 different things out and pulled one of the basket each day to do--or you can do them in order. Check it out here.

Last year w e enjoyed listening to these audios called “ The Twelve Voices of Easter”. They gave a fresh perspective to the Easter Story. Make you think. We are going to listen to them again.

Today’s Reading:

Leviticus 4:1 through 6:30

As I read through all of the offerings for each type of sin, I am so thankful that our sin offering was made for once and for all through Jesus’ sacrifice! His sacrifice was complete. Our sins are forgiven. We should never lose sight of the fact that His brutal death paid the way for our forgiveness. Be reminded and thankful for that today!

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