February 22, 2010

Prayer Request

My Dad starts his clinical study treatment tomorrow. Please pray that he will respond well to this treatment. 1 out of 5 in our area have a reaction to it. (this will happen during this first treatment if it happens—and is apparently pretty scary from the way the doctor talked.) Please pray for him tomorrow morning.

Adoption Update:

We are getting our medicals done this week and then we’ll just need to complete our home study. Hoping that we can get that one social worker visit we need scheduled soon. And then our dossier will be off! Rachel and I took a walk through the baby department at Target today…That was fun! and boy things sure have changed in the 9 years since I’ve had a baby!

Leviticus 17:1 through 19:37

Our reading today contains numerous verses on purity. I just wanted to quickly share several things that has helped us in talking about these issues with our older kids.

One of them is Family Life’s Passport to Purity. I also learned a lot and appreciated the perspective from Preparing Your Son for Every Man’s Battle and Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle.

I am getting ready to begin with my 9yr old The Secret Keeper. I also did this with my oldest and is a great way to begin those conversations on their worth as God’s daughter. You take your daughter on dates and each one has a lesson behind it.

If you have a daughter or son at this age, take a look at these.

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