February 7, 2010

Snowstorm and Paperwork

What I did last night in a snowstorm:
paperwork and more paperwork…thankfully a lot of the bio stuff I had saved from last time so some of it was just updating. 

Today’s Reading (Feb 6)
Exodus 16:1 through 19:25
Manna and Quail.  The Lord heard their grumbling..how many times does He hear us grumbling?  May our hearts be more likely to praise than to grumble. Far too often, I am quick to grumble.
Water provided  (grumbling again)
Amalekites defeated through the Lord. What a beautiful picture of holding each other up.  Without Moses holding his hands up, Aaron and Hur helping him, Joshua and the Israelites fighting—there would not have been victory.  God was all over that!  God was quick to remind them to write it down so it would remembered and so Joshua would hear it (Maybe so he wouldn’t think it was done in his own strength?)
The Lord is my Banner!
Jethro visits and gives Moses good advice—to not wear himself out and try to handle everything on his own. Jethro goes home.
Mt. Sinai---again my imagination goes in overdrive. Wow..to have been there…..imagine….dense cloud, God speaking, consecration, thunder & lightening, very loud trumpet blast, smoke, fire, trembling mountain, louder trumpet blasts, voice of God….
Another scene that I would like replay button on!
Keep diving into His Word!  I am amazed at how God can make thing fresh and new!

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