March 11, 2010

Alicha Siga Wat

This is a recipe for a mild beef stew. This is great for kids or people who don’t like the spicy flavor of Berbere! I started with recipe from and made it my own. :)

This will serve 10.

3 pounds of beef cubed

3 large onions chopped

5 tsps minced garlic

vegetable oil to simmer onion & garlic

2 tsps minced or powdered ginger ( I prefer minced!)

1-2 tsps of turmeric

2 tsps of Alicha Kimem (I purchase mine from EthiopianSpices)

2 tsp salt

Enough water (depending on how much meat you use) to make it a thick stew.

In a large pot, simmer onion and garlic with oil till lightly browned. Add turmeric and continue to simmer for about 15 minutes at low heat. Stir occasionally. Add beef and water and let simmer until beef is done. When done , add Alicha Kimem and salt. Serve hot with injera!

Next time I make it, I’ll add a picture!


  1. Yummy! I may try tonight! Have a great Thursday!

  2. Sounds good! I'll have to make it for Biruktawit:) Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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