March 7, 2010

Coffee and Music

I love coffee and I love music. Here is a picture that captures both:

IMG_3100 I received this cup for pre-ordering her cd (with some wonderful Rwandan coffee). Sara has a heart for missions. She is an advocate for IJM and does ministry in Rwanda. Check out her blog here.

This is my favorite song so far off her new cd. Ever ended up in a fight/argument with your husband and not sure how you even got there? What you are even mad about?

Check out this video:

Yesterday’s Reading: Numbers 22:1 through 24:25

Okay, first question here…why was Balaam not shocked when his talked asked him why he was beating her? He just answers her back! And I can’t help to hear the donkey’s voice from Shrek when I read that!

As I read that, I am also asking the Lord to put an angel in my path when I am about go go down a reckless path myself. Block my way!

Balak was relentless on cursing the Israelites wasn’t he? He kept taking Balaam to a new place to see if it would work there.

But God’s will prevailed. That’s something that I have to keep reminding myself in this adoption (and life for that matter!) when we hit roadblocks, extra steps, and other bumps in the road. That God has a child for us and that it is in His timing. Hard to swallow some days as a person who likes to be in control!


  1. Oh, I LOVE Sara Groves, too! Actually, I was at a Art, Music, Justice tour (with IJM and Sara Groves) last year when God really got to my heart again about adoption, as I'd been too fearful for the 5 years previous...I'm so glad now that I listened and obeyed because we have a new precious daughter!!!

  2. I love sara groves also:) The mug is great!



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