March 29, 2010

Dossier is off!

Dossier is in the mail!  I mailed our dossier off today via UPS and I must say I am glad that it is out of the house! I made my copies (lots of standing in front of the copier) put them in order, double checked, triple checked and sent it off with a big check!  I am always worried that it would get ruined somehow (like me spilling my coffee!) so it’s a relief to get it on its way!

As soon as the home study is written and approved, we will send that on as well and we will be on the wait list!  (ready to be there!)

Funny story on our home visit.  Our social worker was talking to the kids about how they felt about getting a baby. She also asked Ab how he liked being in America. He responded with “I am always getting hurt in America..”  (imagine my reaction!)  The social worker replied “really?”  Ab responded “yea, I wreck on my bike and I get splinters (showing the splinter)”   Thanks for clarifying Ab!


Bible Reading Catch Up!


Mar 28 JOSHUA 18:1-19:48
Mar 29 JOSHUA 19:49-21:45
1 CHRONICLES 6:54-81

God keeps His promises to Israel!

vs 21:45 “Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to the the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.”

We shared our adoption story with another couple Sunday night and I am always amazed how similar the stories are even though it is different agencies, different countries, and different ages.

It always involves faith, obedience & blessings.

I am a visual person and like to see things that the Word is talking about. Here is a map of Israel during Joshua’s time.



  1. Oh, I remember how GREAT it felt to have the dossier out of my house! My husband actually did get something (we still don't know what!) on our papers that were authenticated by the state, but thankfully Ethiopia accepted them anyway!!!
    I love it (and cringe) when my kids speak in public! :) Good job, Ab!

  2. Congrats! It comforts me to see people who are adopting for the 2nd time. It has been the most emotionally and spiritually challenging experience of my life thus far. I know it is what God wants. I can not stand the idea of orphans, but I sometimes wonder if I could do it again. You are an encouragement! May all your waits be short! Alicia


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