March 7, 2010

Expecting from Ethiopia

Ever have the pastor’s sermon cut right to your heart?

The sermon I heard and received today was. Philippians 2:14:18 and it was titled “The Gospel Changes What Comes Out of Our Mouth”

After a week of being frustrated so many different areas of our adoption and other things of our lives…and feeling the ‘right’ to vent to anyone who happened to be in my presence----well, let’s just say my toes are pretty sore from being stepped on this morning! But that’s a good thing!

Do I feel frustrated ? Absolutely! But what comes out of my mouth should still be honoring and glorifying to Him. Do I REALLY believe that He is in control? Do I REALLY believe that He has my best interests at heart? If so, then my actions/words need to match that. As Beth Moore says “my theology needs to meet my reality”

I wanted to share with you a purchase that I just made that I LOVE!

IMG_3102 This is a necklace that I bought to wear while ‘paper pregnant’ :)

It is beautiful. Check this one and more at Nicole’s Sweet Tea shop. The address is

Today’s Reading: Numbers 25:1 through 26:65

After reading this today I can’t help to focus on the hard battle of being in the world and not compromising. This was one of the major problems Israel faced. They began to worship other gods (Baal at this point whose worship involved prostitution) and began to indulge in the practices that the Lord detested. God had set them apart to be His people and to be a holy nation. This was not His way for them. He does the same for us…sets us apart and guides us in our living. We are to be different. Perfect—absolutely not, but our aim should be to live pleasing to the Lord. This is where true joy and contentment comes from. Not in our power…but in His.


  1. that is such an adorable necklace! i love it! i wish i would've got one for my sister-in-law while they were waiting on their ethiopian princess! speaking of, her blog is:, she is a lover of adoptions and i think you two would have a lot in common!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog. And thank you for the wisdom you shared in this post as well--most definitely speaks to my heart this week.

  3. I love that necklace! What is the site address for the store? I clicked on the link but it didn't work.

  4. Thanks gals!
    @ Jenny..I fixed the link...typo on my part :)

  5. Our Pastor's sermon was all too appropriate yesterday too. He spoke about control and trusting God even when it does not make sense or seem fair. Don't you love how God uses others to get our attention?! I hope this week is filled with true joy and contentment for you.

  6. Thank you Alica ...control...lack of it is so hard isn't it!! I have a post several weeks (maybe a month) back about It's Not Fair. God has been working on me with that one too!


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