March 30, 2010

Good Days Ahead!

I am so excited for the next several days. We have our friends who traveled with us to Ethiopia coming to stay on Thursday night. They adopted 6 yr old twins and Ab really liked them both. When we first came home they talked on the phone in Amharic to each other.

Ab asked me today if they knew english now! :)

It’s also a good excuse to cook some Ethiopian food!

I also realized that it is next weekend that we will be at the Global Prayer Gathering for IJM!!

I was reading today the Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen. This caught my eye and really made me think:

I tried to imagine , for just a minute, what it must have been like for God to be present at each of the massacres sites as thousands of Tutsi women and children were murdered. Frankly, the idea was impossible to bear. But the thought led me to imagine what it must be like for God to be present, this year, at the rape of all the world’s child prostitutes, at the beatings of all the world’s prisoners of conscience, at the moment the last breath of hope expires from the breast of each of the millions of small children languishing in slavery.

As I would approach my God in prayer, I could hear His gentle voice saying to me, “Son, do you have any idea where your Father has been lately?”

He is the “man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering,” who weeps with those who weep. (Isaiah 53:3; John 11:33-35)

Good News about Injustice Haugen, Gary pg. 95-96

This really made me think. As we have learned so much recently about all the injustices across the world-some just horrific, it can bring despair. I had never considered how God felt watching those same atrocities. A God whose love for us is overflowing and unimaginable. A God whom the world rejected which brings such evil and horror to our life here on earth.

While the injustices of our world can seem so overwhelming at times, it makes the love and hope of God all more bright and more desirable. He is a God who desires justice and allows us to be part of His work. You bring your loaves and fish—He will supply the empowerment.

Here is a video from last year’s Global Prayer Gathering

2010 IJM Global Prayer Gathering from International Justice Mission on Vimeo.

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