March 3, 2010

IJM Prayer Request & Praise

I am always humbled when I read the prayer requests from IJM. My momentary troubles seem pretty light in comparison. Please pray for this 2 year old girl (2 years!!!) and everyone involved. I am so thankful for people who fight for justice for this precious child ~ Charisa

From IJM Institute

Friends, we want to share with you this casework victory in Rwanda from today. Please keep little 2 year old Kissa,* as well as the man who committed this rape against her, and the IJM staff team in your prayers as they move forward to bring the full circle of justice. Pray also that this case would send a strong message to others in this community that rape will not go unpunished. It has been treated with impunity for far too long, turning rape into a pandemic in this nation, and one that not only strips life and dignity, but also fuels the spread of AIDs.

From the IJM Rwanda Team:
We have a praise report from an ongoing case involving the rape of 2-year old Kissa*. In September of 2009, Kissa was raped in her relative’s home by an older male cousin while she was left unattended. The same day, Kissa told her mother and the mother immediately reported it to the police. Kissa was also examined at a hospital by medical professionals to document the incident. Shortly thereafter, IJM became involved in the case.

Last week, one of our investigators was able to secure an arrest warrant from the Prosecutor’s Office based on medical evidence and witness testimony in the case. Yesterday, this investigator assisted an officer from the Rwandan National Police to track down and arrest the cousin who raped Kissa. The arrest was done in a small village outside Kigali. A couple of children helped to identify the young man when he denied his identity. IJM’s investigator and the police spoke briefly to the cousin, and he stated that he had raped the 2-year old girl. The young man is now in jail and IJM Rwanda will continue to work with the police and prosecutor’s office through the next stages of the case.

*Kissa is a pseudonym

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  1. wow, i love the purpose of this blog... i have a 1 yr old ethiopian niece and a 4 yr old chinese niece.... so orphans and adoption are close to my heart. i'm your newest follower. praying for the lil gal - so beyond sad. oh, and we almost have the same name. how cool is that?! i'm your newest follower.


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