March 4, 2010

Leaping and Praying!

Yesterday’s Reading: Numbers 14:1 –15:41

Sometimes we are scared to move. We are scared of the unknown and of the journey itself. With Ab’s adoption, I remember trying to get every piece of information I could out of the tiny medical report and pictures that were sent. Wanting answers for all the unknowns. A friend summed it all up by saying “It’s a leap of faith no matter how you look at it.” So true in many areas of life. But—I would rather leap in obedience and stumble at times than stay back in fear and not receive the promise!

May we never be scared of moving where God leads because of unknowns. May we be encouraged that He will provide what we need to handle it. Let’s step out in obedience and faith and watch Him work! That’s how we are approaching this adoption…leaping and praying!

Today’s Reading: Numbers 16:1-18:32

I am struck today by how many times Moses fell facedown before the Lord. When was the last time I was ‘facedown before the Lord?’ Several years ago I did a Beth Moore study (she now has written it in depth and for sale—click on the link to see it) from her conference that asked you to read certain Psalms and begin with being face down before the Lord. Admittedly, the first day it was kinda awkward. But it was so worthy of doing. Beginning our time together recognizing He is God and being before Him in humility and obedience and worship.

A neat picture from my Bekah—we have had so much snow this winter. Supposedly another big one before it’s all over with !

IMG_2610 I am so proud of her…she has become a lovely young lady. Can’t wait to experience Guatemala with her!



  1. I love what you said: "But—I would rather leap in obedience and stumble at times than stay back in fear and not receive the promise!" So true!!! You said it so well.

  2. I so needed this today!! Once again God is telling us to move and not giving much of the details. I keep reminding myself that if he gave me all the details, it would not be faith! Thanks so much for sharing this! I want to be ok with stumbling so that I don't miss out on the promise!


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