March 9, 2010

Little Ones and Fingerprints

What I can’t wait to do on a full time basis: Hold a little one! This precious little one is a daughter of good friends…and it felt really good to hold a baby!

027 Adoption Update: Still waiting on FBI clearances. The site says that it take 13 weeks. I am praying that it doesn’t. This is the only thing we need to for our home study to be finished and our dossier be sent off. I emailed them last week and was told to check frequently to tell if they were readable or not. I emailed yesterday and they wouldn’t give me any information…weird. It all depends on who you get on the other end. As you read this—say a little prayer that I would receive them in less than 13 weeks—and that my prints are readable!

Yesterday’s Reading: Numbers 27:1 through 29:40

In this passage, Moses is told of his upcoming death. It is poignant that he asks God to appoint a man over the congregation that will lead them. He doesn’t whine or plead with God. He accepts His will and makes provisions for the people he has led. The people he had been frustrated with and been disappointed in at times…but people he loved.

Joshua is now commissioned as the new leader and is given authority over the Israelites.


  1. definitely praying that it would take much less time than 13 weeks. your baby needs to come home.

  2. I will definitely be praying…We are getting ready to go through the same thing….Keep us updated. Prayers lifting you up right now!
    Hope you have a great Tuesday!


  3. We are going through the same thing. That is all we lack for our home study to be complete and the rest of our dossier is sitting here waiting. All I can do is wait. I called the FBI on Friday and they said 13 weeks too. Mine have only been there 3 weeks. I emailed last night and they replied with one sentence: Do you have a child you have been matched with? I responded back with "That is the only piece of paper we are waiting on for our home study to be complete....Our agency will not match until all the paperwork is turned in.". I haven't heard back....If it works, I'll let you know. We can be praying for each other.....Hopefully, some favor will fall on our envelopes and they'll be pulled from the pile. Have a great afternoon!

  4. Absolute Melanie! Will lift you up as well. I emailed again today. Figured I'd email a different shift and see what the response was. I just hate to wait 13 weeks for a paper saying they weren't readable! I am going next week to be re-printed and send it off so I can have my next set already going through (you have to be rejected twice before they will just do a name search). It's worth the extra money for my sanity! :) Let me know what you hear. yes, may favor be on our envelopes! I can't believe 13 weeks! I know it wasn't that long with Ab.


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