March 25, 2010

Meager Thoughts

Chronological Bible Reading for today and yesterday:

Mar 24 Joshua 7:1 & 1 Chronicles 2:7 Joshua 7:2-9:27

My meager thoughts:

8:34—Joshua read all the words of the Law to the whole assembly of Israel. That’s a lot of reading! Sometimes I can barely make it through a long story !

9:14—Just because something SEEMS right doesn’t mean we don’t need to inquire of the Lord. The key to making the right decisions is to inquire of God. He knows so much more than we do. The past, the present (of everyone!) and the future! He’s got that Omniscient thing going on…and let’s face it—no matter how smart we think we are—we don’t even compare. Ask Him what He thinks about your choices or your dilemma—because He cares! I sometimes can rush forward into things and not think to ask if this is what I am supposed to do—and that has gotten me in trouble! They aren’t necessarily bad things—but just things that I wasn’t supposed to be part of or to be doing. I would have saved myself some heartache if I had prayed and sought discernment beforehand!

Isn’t hindsight always great??

Today’s reading tomorrow –I’m a bit delayed :) It’s probably what I will need tomorrow!

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