March 2, 2010

Part of the Rabble!

I enjoyed your responses and hearing your hearts! And I totally hear the “I’d grab my Bible because I want it for my notes!” I purchased a new one several years ago and was going to transfer all my notes to it! But, alas, the Lord had different plans and asked me to give it to someone before I was able to copy them all. I resisted for a minute (insert whiny “but Lord!” voice) but obeyed and so glad I did! I do miss my notes from it at times! I am still in process of marking this one up!

Winner for the bracelet is: Jenny! (I had my daughter pick a number and you were it!) Jenny, send me your address at and I will mail you your Seek Justice bracelet!

Today’s Reading: Numbers 11:1 through 13:33

I could speak a lot on different things on today’s reading…but I am going to speak to one that struck my heart today—with conviction.

Wow—way for God to give me right what I need…see verse 11:4? The rabble among them began to crave other food. Well, confession time, I have been the ‘rabble’ today and while I haven’t been craving food, I have been craving other things…recognition, words of affirmation, and approval. While those things aren’t necessarily wrong in themselves—they way that I can act when I don’t get it or feel slighted is. I am humbled by the Lord’s Words.

This song below sums up these chapters well. (who by the way is my favorite singer and will be leading worship at IJM’s Global Prayer Gathering!)

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  1. I just found your blog and I'm now a follower! I've loved looking around! My husband and I are currently in the adoption process!



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