March 26, 2010


The boys had their first soccer practices this week and first game tomorrow. It was cold! Brrr! Ab loves soccer. He got in the car and Greg told him he did a good job at practice. His response? “yes, I did, Yes I did” Okay—we are working on the whole humility thing :)

Josh (pics later) volunteered for goalie which stresses this momma at the games!

IMG_3258 Not a great pic but I love his face!!


Chronological Reading:

Mar 25 JOSHUA 10:1-12:6
Mar 26 JOSHUA 12:7-15:19

Kings are defeated and land is gained and divided among the Israelites. This was their inheritance. I am struck by the fact this morning that God had the inheritance for them—but still He required obedience and action. They had to do what He commanded and follow through. So many times we want things but are willing to do the work or have the risk that goes with it.

vs 10: 42 says that Joshua conquered because the LORD, the God of Israel, fought for Israel.

That’s the key for ‘winning’---letting God pick your battles and letting Him do the fighting. It’s really all about Him.

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