March 1, 2010

What is important to you?

The other night we had a conversation at dinner centered around stuff and what is important. It was prompted by our friend’s house burning down and by all of the ‘stuff’ we have encountered at a house that our friends are cleaning out as someone is moving in to a nursing home--an unbelievable amount of stuff--(we are being blessed by receiving all the unwanted stuff for our adoption fund yard sale!)

The question was If you had 30 seconds, what would you grab? (people and pets are safe)

(answer in comments and possibly win a justice bracelet!)

Here are the family’s answers:

Josh ---His guitar (first choice was his Lego’s but then realized he only had 30 seconds…too many for 30 seconds)


Abenezer—his picture book of Ethiopia. I had made this for him for his first Christmas here. It has pictures of Ethiopia, his family in Ethiopia and our family here.IMG_2156

Mom—her scrapbooks—and thankfully they are right by the door!


Rachel—A favorite stuffed bunny called Bunny Foo-Foo. This was given to her by her grandma on her first Easter.


Rebekah-- Bekah said there was nothing that she would feel an overwhelming desire to get.


Greg---somehow Greg escaped answering this…Maybe he will leave us a comment and tell us what.


What would be the first thing you’d grab if you had 30 seconds? Again, people and pets are all safe. I would love to know--Leave the answer in the comments!

I will pick a random person to mail one of these bracelets:


These are bracelets given to us (we volunteer as Justice Advocates for IJM) by IJM to promote justice. They desire to see God’s people have a heart for justice—because God clearly has a heart for justice in His Word!

For more on IJM click on the IJM labels on the right or go to

Today’s Reading:Numbers 6: 1-27 & Numbers 10: 1 –36

Yesterday’s : Numbers 4:1 through 5:31

What I love:

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6: 24-26


  1. Hey there... I had actually been following your blog through Andrea/AGCI/Bible reading (since I'm doing it too!), then you popped up on the IAN family blog, which was a welcome surprise! We had already decided to use IAN for our adoption (date TBD due to a variety of circumstances)... and they are literally right down the street from where we live. FYI, if you ever need a favor from someone close by!

    As to your question: I would say (1) our wedding album, and (2) the zip drives and rest of the items in the portable firesafe... all our family pictures and important info are in there.

  2. I've actually been thinking about this a lot with all the earthquakes in the world lately. I keep hearing it's just a matter of time before the NW has one.. It's made me think about possessions and what is important, and I realized all that I need is my family. I can't think of anything, well I would like to keep my Bible that's all marked up.. But other then that.. I don't know.

    Knowing this has helped our house cleaning:) I got rid of a TON of stuff this last weekend.

  3. Hmmm . . . my photo back-up DVDs and my "state of our union" valentine's day letters from my hubby. Everything else can be replaced.

  4. We recently had the same conversation. I would take all of our pics- on a zip drive :) And if I had time enough after that our children's adoption gifts :)

  5. I often think about this for some reason (Although I hope I never have to actually DO it!) and I owuld first grab my Bible b/c it is special to me (I know it can be replaced, but still....this on really can't to me :) ) and then our computer which has everything on it like pictures and pictures and pictures. (yes, we back them all up but I am not wasting my 30 seconds fishing out all the back up disks, ha!) If I was lift with any extra seconds I would grab my kiddos' baby/adoption books. I really think I could grab all that stuff in 30 seconds so I'm saying 3 things :)

  6. I would grab my hubby! He's a fireman! LOL!


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