April 22, 2010

The home study has landed!

Finally :) The home study is in our adoption agency’s hands. They will now look it over and make sure everything is worded ok. If it needs changes, the home study agency will make those and then it will printed, notarized, and sent to them and then to me! Not sure how long all that will take…hopefully quickly. I know that my hs agency is ready to get me out of their hair! They will probably breathe a BIG sigh of relief!!

I decided last night that when I am finally ‘waitlisted’ that we are celebrating by going to the Blue Nile restaurant! I am going to enjoy some good Ethiopian food!

One exciting bit of news is that I am blessed to be able to volunteer with IAN to coordinate some donations! I do this for AGCI and it is such a blessing to see pre-adoptive families and post adoptive families all helping each other to benefit the children and workers of Ethiopia! We are working up the specifics with IAN but plan to see a post about needed donations soon!

I LOVE doing this. It really keeps things in perspective in our family.

Another good news is that our yard sale pile keeps growing bigger and bigger! It has left our garage and now is overtaking our bedroom! This is a good thing! I love getting more stuff! I have a load in the pilot to take out as I type this. I love my friends!!



  1. Yay Charisa! So glad you've gotten over that hurdle! Awesome about the donations...I know my friends are starting to ask about a shower and I've mentioned that we prefer donations for the kids we won't bring home so I'm sure I'll be talking to you more!

  2. So glad the homestudy is finally on the move!!! WOO HOO! Wish we were close and able to donate muscles for the yard sale! Praying it is abundantly effective! Sounds like you've had a great response in donations!!!!!!

  3. WOOT!! Looks like you're gonna have that adoption paid for asap!!! Thank God for good friends!!!!

  4. SO glad to hear your home study made it! I can't wait to hear more about the IAN donations!

  5. Congrats on getting through another step!!


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